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Building a good bathroom incorporates many different things and it requires you to think about how space will be used. Where in the house the bathroom is situated, and what sort of design you’re going to favour, both in practical terms and aesthetic terms.

The checklist below will give you an idea of the many issues you need to consider to make sure your family bathroom or master bedroom ensuite is as enjoyable as it is functional.

bathroom remodeling & renovation Melbourne

What type of Bathroom fixtures are you considering?

  • The sink size, style and shape can dramatically affect the overall finished result.
  • What will your draw and door handles look like or will you be considering flush finish?
  • The right tap ware can add that extra wow so choose wisely, there is no point having a well design bathroom with stunning benches when you put “budget tap ware” in to finish off.
  • The toliet should complement your overall design, It is often forgotten but the most used space in any bathroom!
  • Showers can be a hard space, to add extra wow try create a double size shower and add a full glass screen. Traditional modular aluminium framed shower a simple and functional but can take from the overall design.
  • If you bathroom allows, consider your bath tub selection, will it be for long luxurious soaks, scrub the kids or both?
  • What type of towel rails, single or double? Will you use towel rings or hooks for wash towels
  • Shower rose style will it be a rain head or off the wall?
  • Think about adding a robe hook for back of bathroom door.
  • How will you incorporate the soap dishes? Will you build them into the wall or have something that screws on the outside?

Tile and finishing

  • Will it be a large or small floor tile or some other flooring material?
  • What colour grout will you be use?
  • Wall tiles with so many choices you can really get creative or keep it slick and modern.


  • Will your paint colour for walls and trim match or complement your tile choices?
  • What window treatments are you considering? Blinds, Curtains, Shutters, or Rollers?
  • Think about your mirrors and how big you want to make them.
  • Coordinate towels and rugs to suit your tile and paint choice
  • Think about adding simple shelving with small plants, ornaments or artwork to decorate the walls
  • Last of all don’t forget a rubbish bin

Electrical work

  • Where do you require lighting, heating and fans?
  • Will you need lighting around sink?
  • How many and what type of ceiling lights
  • Think about adding a light above the shower and bath.
  • What are your exhaust fan requirements
  • Where will you position the power points and switches so they are in easy reach when you need them?

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